I’m a Customer, Dammit!

In 2009 on a day when I was feeling rather lost and bewildered in digital Hell, I posted a blog on Huffington Post under this same title. Fourteen years later as our lives seem to be increasingly lived online or through an app, you too probably have some customer service grievances. I feel that customer

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Eyebrow Raising Entrepreneur

Because I’ve dealt with over a thousand business owners and put their stories on our Making It TV show, people ask me many questions. One of the most common questions is “what business do you think I could succeed in?” Then I usually begin asking that person questions about their passionate interests’ hobbies, and what

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Electrifying Your Future

If you live in California, have you noticed that electric vehicles (EV’s) on our roads seem to be multiplying like mushrooms after a rainstorm? I admit to being a ‘car-guy’ and to liking the look of some battery powered cars so much that I’m tempted to at least test drive one of these beauties. Since

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I’m A Customer, Damn it!

Everywhere we look, businesses are beating the bushes in search of customers, but the same enterprises are pinching and squeezing on customer service  The older I get, the more I enjoy a helpful interchange with people who work diligently for businesses of any size. But, with each passing day, businesses who covet my dollars seem

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American Dream or Fantasy

If you expect the government to somehow guarantee that you’ll have a better life than your parents, own a home, or be promoted to vice president of a giant corporation, that is more fantasy than a dream. This first reading material that I picked up this morning contained an article with the provocative title “The

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It is never too late

I’m wondering how many entrepreneurial dreamers have now lost their excuses regarding launching or growing a business thanks to the yearlong pandemic. Over many years interviewing hundreds of business owners I’ve heard many of them firsthand. The most popular and thinnest excuse of all was “I just don’t have the time” which I interpret as

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