Electrifying Your Future

If you live in California, have you noticed that electric vehicles (EV’s) on our roads seem to be multiplying like mushrooms after a rainstorm? I admit to being a ‘car-guy’ and to liking the look of some battery powered cars so much that I’m tempted to at least test drive one of these beauties. Since my mission in this life continues to be encouraging entrepreneurial thinking, I’m wondering about what real business opportunities battery powered vehicles may present for small business owners.

In 2020 our governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order to end the sale of new gasoline-burning cars in 15 years. In a state with a population of over 30-million people, and 14-million registered automobiles, the governor’s actions launched a very loud and long conversation! The simple questions began with “why do I need an electric car?” and “what benefits do I get with that kind of vehicle?”

To get my thoughts into the right place for opportunities in the EV business, I asked myself what opportunities became apparent 110-years ago when internal combustion cars began to replace horse drawn carriages. People who based making their living on caring for horses probably had some sleepless nights. Did any Blacksmiths of those years imagine that those engine powered carriages needed the horseshoe equivalent better known as rubber tires?

So, I spoke with three EV owner friends about their needs that will have to be filled. The first one is that many more electric charging stations must be built along all roadways. If you are or have been in the construction business, there may be opportunities waiting for you. One person I spoke with was upset by the number of electric charging stations they encountered on a recent trip that had broken or non-functional equipment. If you want to start a mobile repair business, the number of potential customers is growing every week. Anyone with an extensive background in oil changes may easily learn about servicing the battery packs in electric vehicles.

Though Tesla is the current leader in EV sales, Ford Motor, GM, and Mercedes have their competitive fires lit to earn their places in the electric marketplace.

Putting on a newly electrified thinking cap could be on the path to your business future!

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